Monday, June 4, 2007

Just A Little Girl

Shop Refreshed

Hospitality in your hands

Coke in Netherlands

Jockey with Coke

Pause for Coke

Lunch Refreshed

You`v Got Served With Coke

Have a Break

Drive Refreshed

CocaCola Pit - Stop

CocaCola Pitt - Stop

Speel verfris

Start Refreshed

Play Refreshed

Greetings from Coca Cola

Coca Cola 1947

Coke with School-Girls

New Cooler For Coke

The Taste That Charms

Coke Always With The Family

Thank You!


Coke Headquarters

Coca Cola Attractive


Let`s Have A Coke

Coca Cola on Break

Bowling Coke

Shopper`s Pause ... a lot

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!


So Delicious

Have A Refreshing Coke

Enjoy Coca Cola

Coke knows about Monica :)

Urban Coke

Coca Cola Beauty


So Simple

Neighborhood Meeting Place

Refresh At Our Fountain

Why grow thirsty

Coke The "Mind Reader"

Got Enought Coke on Ice ?

Have a Coke

Coke - Just "Thank You"

Coke ... All Allies Enjoy a Friendly Pause

Coke - For People On The Go

Coke At The Country Side